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Joel Avrunin

Vice President, Environmental Business

Saeid Bagheri

Technical Support Engineer, EMEA

Dr. Karsten Baumann

Field Application Scientist

Dr. Jonathan Bent

Senior Technical Application Lead, Environmental Systems, Americas

Dr. Joyeeta Bhattacharya

Field Application Scientist

Juan Carlos Guerrero

Application Scientist

Dr. Kate Cerully

Commercial Operations Manager, Southeast US, Americas

Dan Cohen

Product Line Application Engineer

Alexandre Dembicki

Technical Sales Representative EMEA

Dr. Keren Drori

Director, Product Marketing

Thomas Gottschalk

Director of Sales, APAC

Dr. Siqin He

Product Manager

Erik Heeren

Senior Sales Manager, EMEA

Dr. Tina Hemenway

Senior Product Manager, Analytics & Software

Dr. Magdalena Hofmann

Senior Field Application Scientist, EMEA

Sara Kato

Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

Dr. Gregor Lucic

Senior Lead Product Manager, Environmental Systems

Dr. Milos Markovic

Sales Director, Americas

Monica Marmie

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Kate Martin

Senior Account Manager, Western US and Latin America, Americas

Dave Miller

Director, Environmental Systems

Kavin Panduwawala

Technical Support Engineer

Tania Pashkevich

Manager, Sales Operations

Phil Reid

Regional Sales Manager

Arthur Schaeps

Manager, Customer Support, EMEA

Theo Steenwijk

Sales Director, EMEA

Toula Sweeney

Digital Content Marketing Coordinator

Peter Swinkels

Senior Sales Manager, EMEA

Jake Thill

Director of Marketing

Rob van der Vleuten

Technical Support Engineer

Jessica Wang

Application Engineer, China

Jan Woźniak

Application Scientist, EMEA

Dr. Jinshu Yan

Field Application Scientist

Xiaojing Zhang

China Sales Director

Dr. Ally Zhong

Technical Support Engineer, Americas

Yicheng Zhuang

Business Development Manager – Greater China