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Advanced Leak Survey


Increase safety and eliminate 3x more hazardous leaks in half the time

Transform your traditional leak survey and repair protocols and benefit from business process automation. A traditional leak survey is manual, labor-intensive, paper-based, and frequently error-prone.

Picarro solutions include mobile technology to capture leak data at scale and powerful data analytics, workflow automation, and reporting tools to streamline the entire compliance process.

Workflow efficiency gains can then be realized at each step of the compliance process: forecast, plan, survey, grading, repair, and report.

  • Faster and more efficient leak survey.
  • Accurate forecasting of projected compliance and repair requirements.
  • Enhanced prioritization of leak repair activities to help achieve budget and risk management goals.

Leverage Picarro analytics to focus your budget and resources on eliminating hazardous leaks

Traditional survey typically suffers from a high false negative rate for finding hazardous leaks. Picarro finds 3x more hazardous leaks at the same leak survey and repair budget. Leverage Picarro’s Advanced Leak Detection and Priority Ranking algorithm to streamline the entire compliance process.

Picarro leak indications prioritized by Risk Ranking Analytics.


Picarro Technology Overview

Picarro Technology Overview