Lowest Cost of Maintenance

Picarro SI2000 Series analyzers offer the power of highly sensitive laser spectroscopy techniques for AMC cleanroom monitoring in a reliable, easy-to-use, compact spectrometer design. Optimized for long-term stability and low maintenance, these analyzers can be commissioned and operating within minutes without sample preparation. The analyzers can operate for months without user interaction, and concentration trending data is continuously archived to the analyzer’s internal hard drive. Picarro strategically aligns with trained local integrators and service partners to ensure rapid support and regular preventative maintenance practices. 

While CRDS techniques do not have the need for field calibrations, Picarro recognizes the need for scheduled system validations in-order-to confirm trending data. Traditional validation methods employing the use of reactive gases can take up to 48 hours to set-up and complete. A new process has been developed for the SI2000 Series that requires less than 15 minutes to accomplish a system validation. The total estimated annual system downtime for both preventative maintenance and annual system validation is less than one hour. Furthermore, every SI2000 Series product will be accompanied by a detailed, serially controlled, document package confirming the performance of each analyzer.