Continuous AMC Monitoring for Cleanrooms

In semiconductor fabs, process tools are spread over large cleanroom areas and multiple floors. Air handlers recirculate most of the air within a cleanroom, which can quickly spread AMCs. Traditional sampler designs degrade individual analyzer performance using a linear manifold which limits the gas flow rate to each analyzer. As a result, traditional samplers relegate analyzer performance to the lowest common denominator. Time to detect an AMC is ultimately affected, which can lead to a false alarm or even missing an AMC event altogether.

The superior design of the SAM systems is optimized to ensure the highest combined performance, utilizing a patent-pending non-linear multiplexing system that enables high gas flow rates, minimizes cross port contamination, and quickly reports accurate contaminant concentrations.

Product Image: SAM-S


Mobile Cleanroom AMC Monitoring
  • Samples up to 16 different locations
  • Accommodates up to 2 analyzers
  • Measures inorganic contaminants
Product Image: SAM-C


Cleanroom AMC Monitoring
  • Samples up to 32 different locations
  • Accommodates up to 4 analyzers
  • Measures inorganic contaminants

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