SAM-C Continuous AMC Monitoring System

Integrate up to 4 Analyzers and 32 Ports

The SAM-C AMC Monitoring System integrates Picarro’s industry-leading cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzers into a high-performance sampling system. Traditional sampler designs degrade individual analyzer performance through the use of a linear manifold which limits the gas flow rate to each analyzer. As a result, traditional samplersrelegate analyzer performance to the lowest common denominator. Time to detect an AMC is ultimately affected, which can lead to a false alarm or even missing an AMC event altogether.

The superior design of the SAM system is optimized to ensure the highest combined performance, utilizing a patent-pending non-linear multiplexing system that enables high gas flow rates, minimizes cross port contamination, and quickly reports accurate contaminant concentrations. The Picarro SAM-C system can be configured to sample multiple locations, accommodate up to four of Picarro’s SI series of analyzers to measure a variety of contaminants. 

Product Image
Gases Detected NH3, HF, HCI, SO2, H2S  (depending on choice of up to 4 analyzers from table under configurations tab)
Sampling Line 1/2"OD x 3/8" ID UHP-PFA tubing
Number of Ports 24 or 32
Dimensions Keyboard Tray Closed
  • 79" (H) × 34" (W) x 38" (D)
  • 2012 mm (H) × 864 mm (W) × 971 mm (D)
Keyboard Tray Open
  • 79" (H) × 34" (W) × 46" (D)
  • 2012 mm (H) x 864 mm (W) × 1172 mm (D)
Weight (without Analyzers)
  • 24 Port: 440 lbs (200 kg)
  • 32 Port: 475 Ibs (215 kg)
  • Add 75 lbs (34 kg) for each analyzer
Power Requirements 220-240 VAC single phase, 50/60 Hz, 20 Amp
Communication Ethernet TCP/IP, RESTful API
Warranty 12 months
Certifications CE, SEMI S2
Country of Manufacture USA
Analyzers Gases Measured
SI3401 NH3, HF, HCl
SI2205 HF
SI2108 HCl
SI2104 H2S
SI2306 HF, NH3
SI2103 NH3
SI5450 SO2
Part Numbers (Other Combinations Available)
SAM-C-24-A000 24 port stationary AMC system for NH3, HF, HCl
SAM-C-32-A000 32 port stationary AMC system for NH3, HF, HCl
SAM-C-32-ABG0 32 port system for NH3, HF, HCl, H2S, SO2
Components/Parts Actions Frequency
Particulate filter Replace Every 6 months
Pump Replace Every 2 years
Fan assemblies   Replace Every 2 years

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